Anne Graswinckel

Anne Graswinckel

Artistic innovative program-manager for Keunstwurk and educational designer for Arcadia

Anne Graswinckel is a specialist in connecting art-education with different topics like sustainability, creativity, and language-education. Author of two playful books about art-based education at primary and secondary school.

Anne works as an artistic innovative program-manager for Keunstwurk (means Artwork). This program provides a deeper &innovative approach of art-education in the curriculum for 400 schools, collaborating with artists, language and cultural institutions in Fryslân (province of The Netherlands).

And she is working as educational designer for Arcadia, the legacy program of Cultural Capital of Europe Leeuwarden-Fryslân 2018. She is internationally active with several partners around building a new curriculum in artbased sustainability education.

After a Bachelor of Art (theatre) she worked for over ten years as a drama-teacher/coach with homeless, unemployed and drug-addicts. In 2000 she switched as educator in the Frisian theatre company Tryater as head of the educational department from the company she developed an educational curriculum around language and theatre, several art projects with teachers, amateurs, students, children and special needs groups.

Always developing new innovative methods and flip-thinking art-based ways to collaborate. Enthusiasm, passion and no-nonsense. The artist mindset and the whole human approach is in our DNA! Co-creation, storytelling & awareness in practical programs.