Edin N. C. Redžepović

Edin N. C. Redžepović

Mentor for challenged youths

Attends the Independent Teachers College in Denmark, in his 5th year, and is currently writing a thesis on Self-determination theory, which deals with intrinsic motivation. 

Has experiences from a multitude of school systems, ranging from studying IB in China, to attending and teaching at several types of Danish Free Schools*, including a 1-year stint as an educator at a school using L. Ron. Hubbard’s Study Tech method. 

Has worked with a wide array of students, ranging in age as well as background, – both in environments where empathetic tools have been the primary method for cohesiveness, as well as within institutions where extrinsic value systems have been used… ineffectively, to try to achieve the same. 

Currently employed as mentor for challenged youths, dealing with social, criminal, or drug related burdens. Working with a holistic and anti-recidivistic approach, where empathetic bonds to primary role models are typically lacking. 

The Danish Free Schools originated from a grassroots movement in the mid 1800’s, and are a private/public hybrid, that approximately 20% of Danish students attend. They vary extensively, and are not a collective per se